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Shore Capital Ventures is still run by its two founding partners Lou Meijers and Peter Duisenberg, which guarantees the stability and independence of the company. We were established in Hong Kong in 1997 as an Institutional Asset Management Company with just a handful of clients, however due to overwhelming demand, our expertise was soon expanded enabling us to serve a wider range of clients leading to a strong focus on the Private Retail Investor, still operating from our Headquarters in Hong Kong.

In early 2013 Shore Capital Ventures will open a branch in Taiwan. The Taiwanese branch will focus on servicing our clients within the local region, keeping an eye on overlooked and undervalued companies and will conduct the majority of our back office functions. We are also opening a Beijing Bureau in the third quarter of 2013, so that we can increase our presence in the fastest and so-to-be largest economy the world has ever seen.

The team at Shore Capital Ventures comprises of seasoned and proficient investment professionals whose specialism ranges from managing the funds of Institutions and Charities to fulfilling the diverse needs of the Private Retail Investor. We do not only provide asset management services, but also offer advisory and consultancy services in all matters financial including planning and guiding our clients safely through investment decisions from start to finish, now and in the future.


Our 15 years of experience tells us that successful private wealth management requires specific essential proficiencies and knowledge. You can rely on our team who possess a substantial, far reaching international experience, gathered whilst working many years with large prominent financial and investment institutions. It is for this reason we are able to provide bespoke strategies which have successfully accommodated our customer’s financial goals and aspirations since 1997.

„Achieving great things is difficult but a possibility for anyone. Maintaining all the great things achieved is the real challenge. Shore Capital Ventures is here to make sure you are successful at both.”

- Peter Duisenberg

Transparency, trust and professionalism

Making the step to allow someone to manage your investments is a very import decision. We have all taken calculated risks in both our personal and professional lives and this is why your wealth, your hard earned money has to be managed by a company you trust; a company of experienced investment professionals who have the understanding, knowledge and experience to advise you according to your financial objectives in the short, mid and long-term in a clear and transparent way.

Through our professionalism, high levels of service and consistent returns we gain your trust. Our team of advisors share with you their knowledge, experience and professional acumen which is the basis of a successful and mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

Maintaining constant dialogue with your advisor achieves total transparency in each and every investment, allowing you to make informed investment decisions with all the facts and figures in front of you, ultimately allowing you to enjoy and understand the experience of investing successfully.

At all times we strive to be at your side supporting and advising you for the long term, safely improving the performance of your investment capital.


In the traditional world of wealth management, the advisors strictly follow the strategy of the corporation, with which sole aim of generating income and profits for the company. However, the world is always changing and we remain at the forefront of our industry being independent affords us the opportunity to provide client focused advice which is in line with the client’s best interests rather than that of our bottom line. This gives us the competitive advantage of having total autonomy in providing advice and not being restricted in strategy or selection of investments by the company’s profit margins.

We provide a safety net when investing, by structuring comprehensively analysed investment vehicles since we are aware that our customers ultimately assess us on the outcome of each transaction they conduct with us. Our advisors are always active on behalf of their clients to guide them along the safest route to their financial goals and aspirations.

International expertise and worldwide reach

Working together with our clients as a team, we take advantage of our unrivalled international network in the financial and business community across the world. Financial growth is found beyond the traditional boundaries of the past and this is why we use our strong links in industry and commerce to stay ahead of the curve, making astute decisions time and time again.

This is an essential element in making us stand out from the crowd and our established links in the world’s financial centres allows us and our clients privileged access to current economic information, in-depth share research and full unbiased analysis allowing you affordable access to the modern world of investing.

As a client of SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES you can benefit from the years of collective experience of our team and take advantage of investing with the safety net that we provide. We are specialists in the following market sectors globally:

  • Consumer Discretionary: Emerging markets and high-end consumer strength
  • Consumer Staples: Brand power; emerging-markets growth.
  • Energy: New drilling techniques and liquid natural gas.
  • Financials: Dominance of Chinese banks and challenging “Age of Austerity”
  • Health Care: Personalized medicine; aging populations.
  • Industrials: Competitive threat from China; energy efficiency
  • Technology: Cloud computing; software as a service
  • Materials: Agriculture demand; gold as a reserve currency
  • Telecommunications: Wireless data; cellular towers
  • Utilities: Stricter environmental regulations; low-cost natural gas

Active wealth management

Active wealth management is when your advisor manages your portfolio on your behalf, independently and continuously based on your agreement and input as and when required. This takes away the very time consuming process involved with managing a profitable portfolio allowing you to get on with your day-to-day duties leaving us to maintain the health and performance of your portfolio.

We tailor any investment solution by first listening to your financial goals and aspirations, your tolerance to risk and your time horizon. Upon your permission we will appraise your current portfolio advising where we think value can be added.

Through this process we are able to establish and structure a bespoke strategy which is focused on your financial goals and personal requirements. We then invest in line with this on the global markets.

By continuously monitoring your portfolio and always being available for you, providing immediate updates, shifts in price, press releases or market news that will positively or negatively affect the value of your invested capital. We also provide detailed reports at regular intervals and hold an annual investor meeting when we encourage our international base of clients to come and meet their advisors and see them in action at our offices in the financial heart of 21st Century Asia.

Wealth advisory

Alongside active wealth management and traditional wealth management, we also have the capacity to help our clients with matters such as tax, tax efficiency, financing and structuring. We do this by using our own experience and our extensive international network of external industry specialists, as well as the comprehensive knowledge of our advisory team, fully qualified to deal with all matters financial

Private equity

The entrepreneurial spirit of our two founders still runs through the veins of SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES. When justified by our team of analysts, researchers and investment committee we invest in seed stage companies that are set to show outstanding capital growth and benefit both ourselves and our clients. We analyse these possible investments on their own merits and after deliberation we place our clients’ best interests next to ours when deciding whether or not to go ahead with the investment. We focus on the following market sectors:

  • Consumer Discretionary: Emerging markets and high-end consumer strength
  • Consumer Staples: Brand power; emerging-markets growth.
  • Energy: New drilling techniques and liquid natural gas.
  • Financials: Dominance of Chinese banks and challenging “Age of Austerity”
  • Health Care: Personalized medicine; aging populations.
  • Industrials: Competitive threat from China; energy efficiency
  • Technology: Cloud computing; software as a service
  • Materials: Agriculture demand; gold as a reserve currency
  • Telecommunications: Wireless data; cellular towers
  • Utilities: Stricter environmental regulations; low-cost natural gas

Opening an Account

Opening an account with SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES is a straight forward process. Simply ask your advisor or call our back office and we will send you an application pack. You simply complete the forms and return it back to us, if you have any questions then we can arrange for a member of the back office team to call you and walk you through the documents to answer any further questions that you may have.

On receipt of the completed forms, your assigned back office representative will contact you and your advisor will then be in regular contact keeping you up to date on any market moves or relevant press releases, and of course when it comes time to sell.


Even before an investment decision is made, the process starts with our Investment Committee. SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES’s committee have a diverse mix of international financial and investment experience in all financial sectors and markets whether it is on an Institutional level or on a Private Retail Investor level. Each member has intimate knowledge of the financial markets and economies of the world we live in today. They are kept up to date with daily market movements from research and analysis provided by our experienced back office team.

Through our extensive international network we have privileged and direct views into the European, American and Asian Pacific Markets, which gives our Investment Committee the competitive advantage it takes to be a successful in today’s turbulent markets.

After stringent analysis, with all factors taken into consideration and the investment experience of the committee taken into account, then and only then is the decision taken and the investment made.

To ensure unbiased appraisal of every opportunity we utilise our large international network of financial experts and numerous industry specialists. This ensures all our decisions are as safe as possible, transparent and are going to perform to consistently high standards.

In today’s economic climate we focus our efforts in finding over-looked, under-valued prime quality equities and thanks to our combined international expertise and an unfaltering investment process we have exceeded our client’s expectations year in, year out since 1997.

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SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES’s asset management team is made up of seasoned financial professionals who are specialists in the management of the assets of institutional clients as well as the assets of the private retail investor. We are proud to be able to offer not just asset management services but also advisory and consultancy services, allowing our clients to be assisted through important investment decisions, now and in the future.

“This company was founded by just two people. Over the years, dozens of industry specialists have joined us, thus increasing the level of experience and arsenal of skills necessary to tackle any obstacle presented to us. Our people are our most valuable asset. We are more than just a sum total of our achievements, we are a team.”

-Lou Meijers

Lou Meijers


Lou has more than 25 years of experience in asset management and the financial advisory industry. Prior to founding SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES in 1997, he had been a Senior Director at MeesPierson. He worked his way through the ranks at the bank, eventually being made personally responsible for managing assets of around $900 million, before the bank was sold to Fortis. After working a couple of stints in Hong Kong, when Fortis took over he decided it was time to pursue his dream and start his own concern in the financial heart of Asia.

He oversees every aspect of the day to day goings-on at the SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES, advises on asset allocation and the management of private assets including daily contact with clients. He is also the Chairman of our Investment Committee.

Lou has Dutch nationality and has an MA in Economics from Institut d’eEtudes Politiques de Paris and a BA in History and Economics from Brown University.

Peter Duisenberg

Co-Founder and Director of Portfolio Structuring and Management

Peter was formerly a director at Bergrueen Holdings, a boutique private equity firm and has over 25 years of experience in asset management and in the field of financial advisory. Before founding SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES he has worked in numerous financial institutions in Singapore, Bermuda, Switzerland, America and China. He is an expert in the consumer technologies industryand sits on our Investment Committee.

He holds an MBA from ESADE.

Wu Zetian

Compliance and Administration

Wu graduated in Business Studies, Economics and Accounting from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is currently studying for a B.A. Honours in Modern Languages at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

She has 20 years of experience in the financial world. Before taking her position with the company in 2001 she was Head of the Finance and Administration at East West Bank Private Banking in China. Wu specialism is in the creation and development of funds, charitable funds and financial products.

Wu is fluent in Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and English.

Guy Jewson

Director of Research, Analysis and Risk Management

Guy graduated in Applied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.

He started working at SHORE CAPITAL VENTURES in 2007 and over the past 5 years has developed the risk model of our organisation to what it is today.

Guy heads our Due Diligence team and he also oversees the Research, Analytical and Risk Management departments. He is responsible for the synergy between these departments and also the Client Advisory team.


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